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  • Shine and ablaze with this fiery red. Our Empire collection comes with several colors, and this red is one of our recommendation for you who loves bold and striking colors.

Have your #WearYourAttitude today?
  • Backless design are all the rage this season. They are eye-catching styles and also maintain your body’s natural shape.

In the frame : Empire in the color green. Comes with detachable belt to accentuate the slimmest part of your body.

Ready to jump in and make head turns to your presence?
  • A girl should be two things : who and what she wants.

Ready to walk the walk with Swimsaic Indonesia? You can never go wrong with the classic swimsuit, that highlight the best part of your body while secretly hiding away all your unwanted curve.

Let’s seize the day with Swimsaic Indonesia. #WearYourAttitude
  • Sometimes simple is for the best, indeed.

Empire is a swimsuit with no pattern, highlighting the intricate design and superiority of fabric. Making sure that the spotlight is on you the whole time.

Are you ready to steal glances with Swimsaic Indonesia? #WearYourAttitude
  • Outerwears are that cherry on top that completes your
whole look.
See our Outerwear - Pazyryk on @monaviera! Inspired by Pazyryk rug, the oldest surviving knotted carpet, excavated miraculously in the frozen tombs of Siberia.

The brown colour base is complimented so well with the subtle yellow and blue hues.

Pair it with a matching swimsuit or mix it according to your taste, you decide and tell us, have you #WearYourAttitude today?
  • Flattering and alluring from all angle, this special piece comes with ocean print that creates a feminine and modern silhouette.

As seen beautifully on @lilystephaniee. Wearing a gorgeous piece will up your confidence, for sure, don’t you think so too? #WearYourAttitude
  • It’s Black Mesh - Foret as seen on @indinesia89!

Catch the intriguing dark green base color and black geometric details that creates the illusion of an edgy yet luxurious feel.

Look confident and in touch with your attitude with Swimsaic Indonesia! #WearYourAttitude
  • A strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, lets go, tries again.

Scallop - Zwier design is inspired by swierk drzewo, that translates to spruce tree in English. In greek mythology, spruce tree signifies resilience and strength.

Empower and be empowered with Swimsaic Indonesia. #WearYourAttitude
  • Don’t wait, the time will never be just right.

Take a look at Swimsaic’s latest take on halter neck design, completed with scalloped details on its neck and chest. The clasp at the neck area for easy access and secured movement.

The time to shine is now, have you #WearYourAttitude today?
  • Halter necklines are great for showcasing shoulders and drawing the eye upwards, creating a balancing effect and Scallop - Zwier is one of our take on halter neck designs.

Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror and say hello!
  • Lani is our representation of clouds in the sky, with blue and white as the base color, the beaming yet harmonious color makes the overall look feels glorious.

Equipped with Swimsaic’s signature pleat and a simple bow on each shoulder adds an irresistible detail that’s hard to pass by.

#WearYourAttitude with Swimsaic Indonesia!
  • Don’t settle for less because you are the brightest star in someone else’s sky.

The word Lani is derived from the word Laniakea, which translates to “immense heaven and open skies”, for you who’s bright and as radiant as the sky.

#WearYourAttitude with Swimsaic Indonesia.
  • Be your own shade of blue with the Axis - Lani from the Axis collection!

Delivering the classic silhouette of one-piece swimsuit, with v-neck design that stops right before your chest for you to wear without worry.

We don’t think that the sky's the limit, we think that it’s the beginning instead.
  • Yellow is in season right now, as it is announced as the color of the year and we can’t help but obsess over it, too! 

Tucky - Becha completed with Outerwear - Becha from the Sail Away collection is gorgeously worn by @mandacellooo. Even though that it may look simple at first, the gradation of yellow brings the outfit to a whole other level, making head turns as you walk.

So, have you #WearYourAttitude today?
  • Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.

Tucky - Becha from the Sail Away collection and Couplestring - Gardin as seen on @dcx08. Don’t you think the color combination looks divine? We think so too!

Have you #WearYourAttitude with Swimsaic Indonesia today?
  • Bright as the sun or dare we say brighter?

Our Tucky - Becha from the Sail Away Collection is displayed on the gorgeous @jess.orlando. The glorious yellow makes the swimsuit feel warm and charming at the same time.

Ready to shine with your confidence?

#WearYourAttitude with Swimsaic Indonesia.
  • Women who invest in themselves, go further.

In this new year, fancy yourself with this edgy yet luxurious piece. Inspired from the Old French Forest, the main star lies on the intricacy of the prints, which makes you shine in a whole different light.

Never settle for less with #SwimsaicIndonesia!
  • Flourish with Top Cross Foret. The swimsuit covers most of your tummy and shows just a little peek, flaunting only the best part of your body, highlighting them in all the right ways.

Are your ready to bloom in this seductive piece? #WearYourAttitude with #SwimsaicIndonesia
  • Strike and be distinct, even from far away, with our Top Cross Foret.

The apparel includes a combination of dark green as a base and black geometric details to create the illusion of edgy yet luxurious design.

We can’t help but fall in love with your confidence! #WearYourAttitude with #SwimsaicIndonesia
  • Allure with this classic assemble, with long sleeve and backless detail, catching attention everywhere you go. 

Our Long Sleeve Kopa are lined with different shades of maroon, black, and an interesting pop of color, which is marbled turquoise.

You will never go out of style, for sure!



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