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  • Bathed in blue, get all excited in Knotter two-piece bikini. With many different shades of blue, it will create more depth to your overall look. Top it off with it’s outerwear or lay pants for a complete look.

Would be very easy to match with any other attire, such as this sandal from @watt.walkthetalk
  • Strike your best pose and discover your signature style with the mix and match game with all of our newest collection, The Rite of Spring.

With soft and subtle colours and pattern, Alsace will definitely be the perfect choice for your spring getaways.
  • A muted radiance in the Rite of Spring collection. Alsace, famous for its striking yellow sunflower fields. The inspiration is depicted in Alsace's distinct black and white colour, flourished with sunflower pattern. One of the most classic pattern in our bikini collection this season.

Alas, Happy Eid Mubarak for all cliquemates who celebrate!
  • Its adaptability of use has made the Knotter set a classic.

Being one of @elxielvina’s favorite look, the combination of the bikini, outerwear, and it’s lay pants is just something you’ll love in the first sight.
  • To all cliquemates, we’re inviting all of you to come and join the hype of our offline pop-up store at Curated by @marketmuseum at Pondok Indah Mall 3.

You can finally meet our collection in person, and maybe get to do some try ons. Perfect for your last minute swimsuit purchases.

Time’s running fast, we’re waiting!
  • Swimsaic’s Casca Lay Pants, with its floral depictions and bold, striking hues will be captured in the enigmatic setting of every place you go.

Head over to our website at and #JoinTheClique now!
  • To reflect the mood of spring, a combination of cream, pink, and red, imbued with exoticism inspired by Pink Cascade Weeping Cherry flower, Vnet Casca is a collection you don’t want to miss.

Looking extravagant and always ready to #WearYourAttitude.
  • Keep in mind that our Vnet collection comes with options. You can complete the overall look with it’s matching lay pants or outerwear.

Dare to #WearYourAttitude?

In frame: Vnet - Casca
  • Twinning while visiting beautiful places, both in Swimsaic’s swimwear is just a dream come true. We have a wide range of collections for you to choose whichever suits your style the best.

On frame: Couplestring-Pansy and Tucky-Mercan.
#WearYourAttitude like @cindytanjayaa and @sasaelsaa  did, and don’t hesitate to share it with us, cliquemates!
  • The must-have print, Manet - Musta has the black base, combined with gold geometric lines that will create a slimmer silhouette. Always ready for your once in a lifetime moment.

It also came with a matching outerwear, discover them on our official website at
  • Looking exquisite, @racheltheresia is making the most of her vacay with one of Swimsaic’s signature Couplestring - Pansy collection.

Tag us in your eloquent journey while having the best time of your life to be reposted!
  • Inspired by the design of mandala, Kukka is adorned with romantic flower and geometric pattern, combining the colour of blue green and beige.

When you turn your body, you can see the bicolor details printed on your swimsuit. Time to #WearYourAttitude
  • Lani, deriving from the word Laniakea, meaning "immense heaven and open skies", Lani is our representation of the cloud in the sky, with base colour of blue and white.

Pleated details in the Axis collection are there to create pretty details and cover all unwanted rolls on your body. Even prettier with a simple bow on each shoulder to make heads turn.
  • Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Discover your inner peace in the best attire possible, Axis - Nalu.
  • Extruding sophisticate energy with Knotter - Pitta, which is inspired by one of three elements of Dosha. You can also match this piece with it’s outerwear and lay pants for that extra look!
  • A piece that is inspired by the vibe of spring season in Alsace, famous for its striking yellow sunflower fields. The inspiration is depicted in Alsace's distinct black and white colour, flourished with sunflower pattern.

The combination that is hard to be hindered, now available in our lookbook. Discover more at
  • “After a pitch dark night, comes a beautiful morning” - Kartini.

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. Happy Kartini’s Day, fellow cliquemates!
  • One of the most favored pattern, Hogarth is a spotlight in disguise. While being low profile and subtle, this collection will still turn heads.

Usage of dark colour is common for Hogarth's creation, with some lighter colours integrated as a contrast. Perfect for the complex you.
  • The swimsuit is created as a tribute to Zizi Jeanmaire, a French ballet dancer. Zizi is famous for her classic boyish elegant look, which inpires us to create the pattern of Zizi, a monochrome swimsuit with subtle marble accent.

Classic piece for the timeless you.



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