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  • Our new collection is here to stay! Launching on 1 Nov 2020 for public viewing. Stay tuned!
  • Something new is coming to Swimsaic Indonesia! Are you ready to see our latest collection? Stay tuned!
  • Look forward to November’s new surprises! 

Starting November 1st, we will be giving away these exclusive scrunchies for every purchases. The pattern of these scrunchies is in conjunction to our newest launch. Beautiful and handy, especially for you. Get them while the stock lasts.

  • Dear clique mates,

We’re thinking of what would be the best for our clique mate’s daily companion. We come up with these scrunchies, exclusively made for you to be used however you like it. Time to #WearYourAttitude! #SwimsaicIndonesia
  • A collection made not for sale, but specifically created for our most loyal clique mates. Representing our beachwear’s patterns, these scrunchies are ready to be yours right away. 

200 of our most loyal clique mates have received an exclusive package especially for them. These packages are created as an appreciation for their constant support towards Swimsaic for all these years. #SwimsaicIndonesia #wearyourattitude
  • Now that you’ve got ideas about where to go next vacation, you must prepare for what’s
essential. Never miss the chance to impress with your most beautiful Swimsaic swimwear. Loving this beautiful pictorial by @lebeautypage featuring one of our Manet collection, Musta. #WearYourAttitude and tag us in your journey!
  • We can’t imagine anything better other than laying under the sun, enjoy the warm breeze
and appreciating the beauty of the beautiful blue sky. Don’t you think so too?
There may never be enough time during your regular, hectic schedule to do so. Take the
opportunity to indulge and enjoy a serious fun on the beach!
By the way, tag us when you finally have the chance to do so!
  • If we were to ask you where’s the best beach in Indonesia, what will you say?
We’ve compiled a few beach recommendations, in no particular order, that’s perfect for your next vacation bucket list!
1. Wakatobi Island
2. Semak Daun Island
3. Labengki Island
One thing for sure, we can’t wait for the pandemic to be over and run head first to
the nearest beach!
  • Captivatingly majestic, graceful in every angle you see her. Swimsaic was designed to
enhance the beauty in you, because you’re initially perfect the way you are.
We’re beyond grateful of you for always taking #SwimsaicIndonesia as a part of your
  • Such an honor to be a part of one’s most precious moment in life, when two beautiful
souls are becoming one. Wishing a blissful life ahead for one of our clique mate, @juliayodo.
  • An ethereal appearance for a very special occasion is an absolute necessity.
We can’t think someone who’s killing it beside @juliayodo, who beautifully wore
Swimsaic’s Vulkan collection on her pre-wedding photos.
#JoinTheClique now and share your precious story with us!
  • Deeply inspired from the old french forest, the intricacy of the piece lies on the
prints. Creating an edgy look with a luxurious touch, perfect to complement
every body type. Have you been feeling good about yourself lately? #WearYourAttitude
  • Be bold, empower each other, and be fearless, because the only limit you have is yourself. How’s everything going, clique mates? We really hope that you’re doing well,especially in this delicate condition. Time to check up each other’s state of mind.
Happy World Mental Health Day from #SwimsaicIndonesia.
  • Is the sun too bright or is it just you? Radiate your confidence with this statement piece that hugs your body well and highlight your beautiful curves.
Combination of dark green base and black geometric pattern that creates the illusion of an edgy yet luxurious swimsuit. So, tell us about your go-to statement swimsuit! #wearyourattitude
  • The classy detail that enhances the backline all the way down to the mid-back. Supported by spaghetti straps that offers a alluring touch to the piece.
On the frame : Cup Series - Fleble
  • Be the kind of woman who makes other women want to up their game! There’s nothing more beautiful than powerful women having each other’s back! Inspired by The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai, features a mix of different
gradations of black, white, and grey. It seems like the piece is made exactly for you! Cheers for all the independent and powerful women out there! 
On the frame : Cup Series - Fleble
  • Looking for the perfect swimsuit is never easy but #SwimsaicIndonesia got you covered! Available with a wide collection you can choose from depending on your
mood! How are you feeling today, girls? Let’s keep our positive vibe in check! #WearYourAttitude
On the frame : Cup Series - Fleble
  • The highlight of the piece is the mesh fabric that makes the piece classy and
alluring. They’re made of mesh fabric that’s soft to touch and comfortable to
wear, with zipper on the back for easier access.
Have you #WearYourAttitude today?
  • A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. Fleur (read: /floeʁ/) has the meaning of blossoming flower in french. The classic piece is colored with strong geometrical lines adorned with floral details. Happy weekend and treasure it well! Don’t forget to #WearYourAttitude today.
  • Searching for a statement piece that screams chic and sophisticated? We have the answer for you! This long sleeve swimsuit is equipped with black mesh fabric that’s see through without looking showing too much skin.
On the frame : Long mesh - fleur



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